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Niranjan Kumara body builder par excellence

Niranjan Kumara
Niranjan Kumara

Niranjan Kumara has worked as a body building and fitness trainer for 12 years in Qatar. His greatest achievement is winning a gold medal at the14th Asian Body Building Championship in 2014 in the 70 kg category having emerged as Mr. Gampaha in 2011.He also obtained a gold medal at Qatar Body Building Championship in 2012 and became Overall winner at Heeman Body Building Championship in the same year. Also he has produced many talented players in this field.

Bodybuilding and body fitness is very important to sportsmen I think every player must think about their body and fitness. . They should be able to maintain good health by having a balanced diet by engaging in body building.

I think job opportunities can be created through this. We can train youngsters as fitness trainers for local and foreign countries. For example, presently 52 young people are serving as fitness trainers in the State of Qatar

The Bodybuilding Federation is not actively contributing to sports and they only organize a small number of competitions a year.

He also alleged that they do not look after players and look into their financial needs. Many of the fitness centers in the country are not up to standard. There is a shortage of experienced fitness trainers who have a proper knowledge about the sport and administration. The prices of supplements are very high and some are low in quality. Some of them are harmful for the human body. We need to find out talented players from difficult areas and train them properly. Provide them with an allowance to make them financially stable and enable them to get nutritious food and supplements. Only 350 centres are registered with the federation and the rest are not upto standard.

we should conduct workshops on physical fitness for students during school days and absorb them to it . Find players from all over the country and provide facilities to the talented players under the theme of ‘Sports to Village.’ Creating NVQ courses for bodybuilding instructors and improve their English proficiency to suit foreign countries.

Establish a programme to check the quality of supplements through the Ministry of Sports or Ministry of Health. I think the appointment of the present Minister of Sports Namal Rajapaksa is a very positive thing. He is a sports lover. His appointment will be a big wake-up for all sports including bodybuilding. Currently I am conducting my own gym and fitness centre in Ekala, Ja-Ela. In addition, players are trained by me in many parts of Sri Lanka. Currently I am coaching the Lake House bodybuilding team.