Dikkovita Fisheries Harbour re-opens after covid clearance | Daily News

Dikkovita Fisheries Harbour re-opens after covid clearance

Dikkovita Fisheries Harbour which had been closed after a fisherman who went to sea from the harbour tested positive for  COVID  virus has been  reopened for business from  October 14.

Dikkovita  harbour was reopened for business activities after conducting disinfecting procedures under the guidance of health authorities, Janaka Mudalige -General Manager at Dikkovita Fisheries Harbour said.

Over the COVID scare, the  health authorities  decided to  close the harbour and as a result of that the overall activities at the harbour came to a standstill.

To further contain the spread of the virus, PCR tests were conducted on  close contacts of the COVID patient , individuals who set out to sea with him on the same multi day trawler  and  every  staff member at the harbour.

Their tests returned a negative result. However, health authorities proceeded to quarantine those individuals for 14 days.