Muslim MPs to urge burial of Muslim COVID infected bodies | Daily News

Muslim MPs to urge burial of Muslim COVID infected bodies

The six Muslim Parliamentarians who voted for the 20th Amendment from the Opposition Samagi Jana Balavegaya (SJB) would pool their efforts together with the Muslim MPs in the Government, to speak to the hierarchy to bury the COVID infected Muslim remains instead of the ongoing system of cremation, Ali Sabri Raheem, who represents the Puttalam district told the Daily News.

Raheem, one of the six members who had crossed over to the Government side, was speaking to the Daily News on the recent increasing incidence of the virus in the island and about the subsequent death toll. The total number of COVID cases has surpassed 10,660 which include 20 deaths.

Raheem explained that the Government has introduced the cremation of all the COVID infected remains due to guidelines stipulated by the health authorities.

“When the infected dead bodies are given to the family for burial, the chances of transmitting the disease is very high when they wash and shroud the remains according to Islamic rites,” he said, however, adding that all Muslim MPs in Parliament will request the President to re-consider the decision to allow such bodies for burial according to the Islamic rites with whatever additional precautions required to avoid the spread of the virus. Raheem said the new six Parliamentarians are delighted to come under the umbrella of President Rajapaksa who has a national interest to serve the entire nation without any discrimination on the score of religion, race or community. The President readily embraced all six members into his group, he added.

Under the guidance of President Rajapaksa, Raheem said the country was able to keep the COVID virus under control and Sri Lanka has been applauded even by the WHO for its planned efforts to combat the virus, which has affected countries like India, Brazil and the United States in a big way.

“The Government is conscious of the sentiments of the Muslim community and we can resolve any issues through negotiations and we are hope that this problem can be solved in the process of time,” Raheem said, adding that there is no point in blaming one another on this issue.

'On our part, he said, people have to follow the basic rules laid out by the government such as wearing masks, wearing helmets and maintaining social distancing. “These are civic responsibilities of a citizen and following them will do good for all,” Raheem concluded.