Thirty four at Horana garment factory test positive for COVID-19 | Daily News

Thirty four at Horana garment factory test positive for COVID-19

PCR investigations carried out on the employees of a leading garment factory in the Horana area revealed that 34 of the nearly 150 workers had tested positive for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, Kalutara Regional Health Services Director Dr. Udaya Ratnayake said.

“The tests were carried out after it was discovered that a female factory worker was infected with COVID-19. Although it is still difficult to come to a definite conclusion about how this female worker became infected with the virus, it is believed that the father of a worker of this factory has contracted COVID-19 through the Peliyagoda fish market. Therefore, there is some suspicion that this condition has been transmitted through that person,” the Director of Regional Health Services said. Accordingly, a team of specialist doctors from the Ministry of Health and a health team from the Kalutara District have held discussions with the management of the institute and decided to send another 500 workers of the factory for PCR testing, Dr. Ratnayake said.

Those tests will be carried out on the relatives of 34 people who were diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday (02) and based on their results, decisions will be made regarding the future activities of the factory.

All the workers in the closed garment factory have been self-quarantined and arrangements have been made to send the 34 infected patients to treatment centres. “PCR tests will also be conducted on the employees of other factories affiliated to the relevant factory in the Kalutara District,” the Kalutara Regional Health Services Director added.