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Distribute COVID-19 vaccine free to public - Sajith

The Government should make preparations to distribute the vaccine to cure COVID-19, when available, free of charge to the public, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday (20) said in Parliament. Premadasa also said that the government should discuss with foreign countries that are experimenting on a vaccine to cure COVID-19 virus so that when the time comes, it can import it.

Premadasa observed, “We must first examine the extent to which these Government policies are in line with the promises made in the Presidential and General Elections. When you look at the budget, there is not a single positive feature reflected in the policy statement. Therefore, this budget and the policy statement have become nonsense before the People’s Court.”

A situation has been created where the people cannot breathe due to the oppressive situation in the country. The COVID-19 infected patients do not have the ventilator beds they need today.

Premadasa further said, “Usually when a budget is tabled, the focus is on macroeconomic variables and microeconomic variables. But, it is a different situation this time. More time should have been allocated

in the budget speech on the steps to be taken to control the pandemic. But, such a priority was not given. We ask the Government where are the strategic tools to curb COVID-19 pandemic. What is the solution to the shortage of ventilators? What is the solution to the shortage of beds in the Intensive Care Units? What is the solution to the shortage of PCR machines?”

Premadasa added, “The Pfizer and Biotech companies have teamed up to create a vaccine that is 95% successful. The Oxford University says they have developed a successful vaccine. Have you talked with these two important players? A number of countries including the United States have already reached agreements. Then we are at the end of the queue to get the vaccine. When we pointed these things out we were ridiculed.”

The Opposition Leader said, “We would like to help this Government. I advise this Government to speak to the Government of Canada. Canada has already ordered the vaccine. There is a considerable big supply in Canada. So I suggest the Foreign Minister make deals at the diplomatic level and get at least some of these additional vaccines. As soon as the Government was elected, it only facilitated the super-rich. What was done to the public service? The proposed increase in salaries from Rs.3,000 to Rs. 24,000 was stopped as soon as the Government came to power.”

Premadasa added, “This government has no vision. No target. No core. Today, the Government has lost its self-esteem. What is the solution? The Samagi Jana Balawewa has solutions. There are two challenges. One is the Corona challenge and the other is the economic challenge. We need to do a household income and expenditure survey.”