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Want to lose lockdown weight?

Even before becoming an actress, Daisy Shah had cracked the best formula for fitness. For all those who have piled on extra kilos, tucking in scrumptious food throughout the festive season, could turn to her for a few important fitness tips.

The actress, who is looking forward to starting her Gujarati film that she was prepping for before the 2020 lockdown, believes that being fit has a lot to do with eating right.

Daisy, who was launched by Salman Khan in ‘Jai Ho’ a few years ago, says, “I went from being fit to fat and fat to fit in the last one year. My weight shot up during the lockdown. I remember I had once starved myself to achieve certain goals on the weighing scale before the lockdown in 2020. Eventually, I had to consume antibiotics during the lockdown because I wasn’t well. The weight came right back on to my body. I wondered how that even happened. That day, I decided to zip my mouth. I ensured that I didn’t overeat. I started working out twice a day when the gyms opened. I think primarily, people need to control their food habits. The rest falls into place. And for those who don’t want to hit the gym, I would advise dancing as an exercise. Just put on some good music and dance which is a good form of cardio which you can also enjoy. People can also go up and down the staircase of their building. I live in a 15 storeyed building and I used to go up and down about five times when the gyms were not open. That’s another healthy cardio routine.”

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