Jaffna fishermen request train compartment with deep freezers | Daily News
To improve productivity of seafood transportation

Jaffna fishermen request train compartment with deep freezers

Fishermen in Jaffna have requested the government to provide a railway compartment equipped with deep freezing facilities to the Jaffna-Colombo train in order to improve the productivity in transporting processed seafood for export.

It was made during a meeting held in the Jaffna District recently, during which it was revealed that although there was plenty of seafood varieties and resources in Jaffna, fishermen were deprived of raking out the full potential of it due to the unwarranted meddling of intermediaries.

This was revealed by senior economic researcher Dr. Akilan Kadhiragamanadhan at the meeting meant for exchanging views and opinions with regard to the Jaffna District seafood varieties promotion programmes.

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister Douglas Devananda, who was also present at the meeting, said that he would discuss with the government regarding the provision of rail carriages for the purpose of transporting processed seafood varieties.

The minister, responding to a request of the fishermen, said that after consulting experts, a decision was taken to combine rural fisheries and fisheries cooperative societies. He said action would be taken to execute a livelihood empowerment programme for fisherfolk and their families through micro-loan facilities under the Fisheries Federation’s Rural Credit System.