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Quarantined Easter

I was only an infant when mom and dad had to run
Not ‘cos of Covid, but a King who’d have Me done
Wise men came in time with much-needed finances
Bank in lockdown – but gold, myrrh frankincense

After Lazarus, my friend resurrected and was famous
I’d Lockdown for a month - death threat was serious
I surfaced from Mary’s house – anointed for burial
Even God needed friends – before my death arrival

Final Lockdown in a tomb after the cross Romans guarding
Inter-galactic terrific star wars between good and evil enacting
Son of man bruised iniquity laden into dark hades descending
Pure in spirit, Sinless Perfection, Prince Valiant ne’er doubting

Let My People Go – menacingly decreed hades quivering
Lion of Judah, Lamb of God loudly His pure blood calling
Satan trembles, shivers relinquishes keys of hades and death
Ascent begins Glorious Risen Sovereign His Victory Trek

Hallelujah Hosanna all creation rejoice celebrates
Heaven and Earth with triumph marvel reverberates
Swords turn to ploughshares – nations war no more
Prince of Peace for every nation – our spirit to soar