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He needs your help

Twenty eight-year-old Wathukarage Ashoka Thilakaathne of No 72, Pusatota, Pallebedda in the Weligepola Divisional Secreariat Division says he has lost vision in both eyes following a motor accident which occurred 13 years ago. While seeking treatmet, he suffered a debility in both legs and he is now receiving treatment for Lebers Optic Neuropathy under the care of a Consultant Neurologist specializing in Dmentia and Neuropsychiatry.

Thilakarathne says his treatment cost over Rs.10,000 per month which is beyond his means. His father is feeble and unable to support him while his mother has passed away.

His sister is also suffering from a hearing deficiency. Therefore, he requests philanthropists and the generous public to come to his assistance by sending whatever financial contributions possible to enable him to seek continuous medical treatment. All Contributions should be remitted to Account Number 245-2001-2005-6034 at the People’s Bank Godakawela branch. His contact numbers are 0719966935 and 0775574253.