‘Dr. Neville Fernando Hospital not a teaching hospital’

Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Deputy Minister Faizel Mohammed revealed in Parliament today that the Dr. Neville Fernando Sri Lanka-Russian Friendship Hospital in Malabe is not a teaching hospital.

He also said that a teaching hospital is one that is used to give practical training for medical students.

He made these observations in response to a question raised by Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Parliamentarian Nalinda Jayatissa.

He also revealed that the Health Ministry had not given permission to the hospital to function as a teaching hospital.

When MP Jayatissa questioned as to why the Health Ministry had failed to take action against this hospital which had had kept the exhumed remains of slain ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen Deputy Minister said that he would keep MP Jayatissa informed of the actions that would be taken in this regard.



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If NFTH gave practical training for medical students, that qualifies it to be a teaching hospital. Since there are professorial units in it, what is their purpose except to do professorial teaching for students. Parliament also has been lied to by this GMOA mafia gone insane now. Who can cure these fried brains? June elections can

With new take over Public-Private enterprise, and the current availability of all subspecialty units with qualified consultants, there is no reason for this stubborn attitude of SLMC prez. whose term is now over. He and Registrar must go, so that the future youth are not obstructed in internship training. How damaging to keep these demented Marxists around to ruin SL Health service. After a local MBBS training and exam. why on earth should SAITM have to waste more than the 7 already obstructed years, by radical hooligan mafia of ERPM who do not have examiner status. SAITM is already examined as fit by MBBS examiners. Any clinical training should be given as students and NOT to those MBBS doctors who are capable of internship. This is illegal by mafia wanting to prove that SAITM MBBS is inferior. Does UGC approve 2 different levels of MBBS or only ONE.

A teaching hospital for all round experience to the interns would have patients right across the spectrum of our society ..The medical conditions that prevail to majority a practical ward experience to go out there with the added practical training guided by the teaching staff and than observing Seniors Nurses and others involved for the application of text book knowledge to reality , even working without all modern technology as in the rural hospitals and the rural patients referred to the National hospital . This is why most Public hospitals are teaching hospitals and is available to the National Tertiary Institutions for training . ,If SATIM IS able to provided exposure such exposure in its private capacity they should be able to sit a qualifying exam for Registration as Public Professionals .,The Lankan Docs who migrate have to sit such exams for Registrations and no grouse about it ,,I am a teacher but Australia wanted Professional Qaulifications and experience to give me Registration for work and that too from the University of SrIlanka recognized by them as in par with theirs .Perils of going out to a competitive world .. We need more Doctors trained to work with the majority and in todays world more than mere prescription scribblers nay people to converse with the patient in their idiom for better understanding , for no two humans are alike and respond to the hazards of living in the same manner .

Shame Shame

GMOA witch hunt continues with SLMC deans. If NFTH is training medical students with standard Professorial units for professorial appointments and has a dean and VC, why not accept it like the other teaching hospitals without double standards as for Rajarata and Eastern and KDU. The dean's problem is they lost control of their own uni and so they want to close other uni on some pretext of Conformity certificates which they do not have and do not know the procedure and protocol how to get. Ridiculous to get wound up now after 7 years of sleeping. SLMC has to contain honest professionals from other walks of life, not wedded to TUs but govt.

Trying to destroy NFTH to replace with the ERPM Mafia teaching centers scattered all over to collect money from foreign trained medics and still fail the doctors to stop them from competing in practice. Grand delusion of finding topics for slogan shouting in street marches by even robed students. Building up lies for May Day

The building look fabulous. I assume there are enough bed patients doctors of most specialities. If do it can and should become a hospital to teach train medical students. Ie up to government and doctors working there should discuss with administrators.

You don't understand that there is no discussion here. Only TU dictator threats and street hooligans. Over 1000 beds and medical students taught in batches with professorial appointments and a dean and VC all fulltime.. SLMC refuses to register SAITM in spite of legal court order. They are not responsible or accountable to anyone as the GMOA/ERPM mafia has usurped authority to extract money, teach, examine and fail foreign qualified MBBS. Deans and stooges nominate examiners and collect the fees. Private tuition of ERPM sets standards and illegal conformity certificates. Majority of failed ones are accepted in Scandinavian countries as they know the high cost of training doctors. The GMOA mafia gets elected every June to repeat this. Rest are not ashamed to be represented by the mafia. Anyway they rig elections. Ask secy. for his A/L and medical results. SUGGESTION- If ERPM mafia are invited to SAITM to teach doctors, then may get conformed to standard. The Supreme Court order awaited is far too far, and the hindering policy plan. True justice will interface with mafia.

It is a real shame that neither SLMC nor the ministry of health has a connotation for a teaching hospital. It is also a shame that they do not have minimal standards in medical education.

If no standards specified, can be rectified by collecting all ERPM teachers in SLMC under their ministry (Health) and giving them an authoritative structural unit to work under the ministry, so that they can really teach and train excellently, and give at least a 90% pass rate instead of the current 10%. After all, district quota lower entry Z score marks of state meds. all pass out with MBBS, with street marches, vagabond tents, cancelled psychiatry teaching and exams. and with lecture boycotts. How can they cure patients except by magic? Irresponsible SLMC must now draft these documents and get divorced from GMOA, but then no large financial outpouring. MPs are accused of 'No O/L' but MBBS don't know how to draft some documents either. Whither education?

ERPM mafia have their own private teaching hospital set up with standards and conformity certificates, but they cant be produced in court. The competition for private teaching hospitals is the severe strike thinking to knock off SAITM. SLMC/ERPM MUST have official teaching centres under ministry and it is wise to absorb all those who are involved now with a calling to teach, under an official system that does not fail all, but give a hope of a future to those who spent money and long years. Why drive them to Finland. Grab them to cure patients in SL. It is so costly to produce a medical graduate and these free state jokers do not understand. The GMOA is acting in desperation to prove they are winners for their coming June elections.

The most beautiful Hospital in the world. Standing proud among the green paddy fields it is more equipped and staffed with any other teaching Hospital in the land. State of the art equipment in action at any given time. As modern teaching is problem based than memory based does not need many patients to teach medical students. Most Surgery are Laparoscopic with high turn over and with early discharge bed occupancy is as in most high tech hospitals. At any given time there are 18 professors and 400 med students either on the wards or shills labs. Only people who is ignorant of modern teaching will say this not a modern teaching Hospital.

What a blessing to build such an advanced hospital to teach medical students to take care of sick people living in this land. Fine example of nation building which should inspire others also to care.for the sick.

SAITM should continue as "FOR PROFIT" to add to and improve this hospital in to world class. GMOA strikes might set themselves on fire and burn to ashes, solving problem with new committee June elected

What is the action of govt., is it taken over, or is it yet another false promise. If some non paying wards are built around it, it will as a govt. hospital draw crowds specially from the neighbourhood. High tech combined with service to the poor needs to be the vision. It could easily be tied up with nearby Mulleriyawa General and emergency treatment units for the non fee paying as well. It has potential to use space round it


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